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Makalu Trekking

This trek takes you deep into the eastern Himalayas, revealing some of Nepal's most hidden and amazing scenery. From Tumlingtar we walk north, up the Arun River, to Sedwa and Num, crossing Shipton La into upper Barun Khola valley for a close look at Makalu and Chmlang.

The Makalu Barun National Park was established in 1992 as Nepal's eighth National Park and is bordered by the Arun River in the east and the Sagarmatha National Park in the west. Barun valley is a sanctuary for wild animals such as wolves, lynx, fox and the elusive snow leopard. Our descent into the pine and rhododendron forest from the Barun valley takes us past the lower Barun glacier and into the Makalu basin and to Tumlingtar. From Tumlingtar we fly back to Kathmandu.

Glimpse on Itinerary
Day 01: Kathammdu Arrival
Day 02: Kathmandu Jaunt
Day 03: Kathmandu - Timlingtar
Day 04: Timlingtar - Khandbari
Day 05: Khandbari - Bhote Bash
Day 06: Bhote Bash - Mure
Day 07: Mure - Sedna
Day 08: Sedna - Tashi gaon
Day 09: Tashi gaon - Kauma
Day 10: Kauma - Barun La- Mun
Day 11: Barun La- Mun - Nehe Kharka
Day 12: Nehe Kharka - Shershon
Day 13: Shershon - Makalu BC
Day 14: Makalu BC - Rest Dau
Day 15: Makalu BC - Ramara
Day 16: Ramara - Mumbuk
Day 17: Mumbuk - Unshisa
Day 18: Unshisa - Rumruma
Day 19: Rumruma - Fururu
Day 20: Fururu - Mane Bhanjyang
Day 21: Mane Bhanjyang - Khandbari
Day 22: Khandbari - Tumlingtar
Day 23: Tumlingtar - Kathmandu
Day 24: Final Departure