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Journey Across Kham

An epic journey through the heartland of Kham to the Holy City of Lhasa - 20 Days.

Our journey across the heart of Kham to Lhasa, the "Holy City" follows ancient mule caravan trade routes. Starting at Dartsedo, our gateway & border post with China, we skirt our way along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway through mountainous terrain & river valleys to the historical towns of Tawu, Kanze, Dege & Chamdo. From Chamdo we follow the southern route via Kongpo region & the Yarlung Tsangpo Valley to Lhasa, the Forbidden City. We visit all the important monasteries in Kham belonging to different schools of Tibetan Buddhism including the sacred Katok Monastery of Nyingmapa School believed to have been miraculously built by Guru Rinpoche in early 8th century. The journey is rugged & the facilities en route basic.